Ivy Ready Services Description

Thank you for considering Ivy Ready for college planning and application support.

Our unique personalized approach adds clarity in the ever more competitive and complex admission process. On this page, we simplify our offerings and indicate when to utilize each option for most effectiveness.

In addition to Hourly Consultations, we offer several pre-designed packages tailored for different stages. Analysis and Strategy and Personalized Guidance are designed for early planning and guidance, while Comprehensive Application Support and Ivy Ready Evaluation are available at the application stage.

Hourly Consultation

Hourly consultations provide immediate access to our application and admission expertise. This is an excellent option for those looking for an overview of the admission landscape, seeking answers to specific questions, desiring a narrowly-tailored feedback, or interested in an overall assessment on the applicant's prospects.

Hourly consultations can also be utilized to understand and capitalize on emerging opportunities that showcase the applicant's prowess in a particular area.

Analysis and Strategy

In Analysis and Strategy, we analyze a whole array of factors considered during admission to ensure students are on track to present a compelling application. This is also an excellent opportunity for you to gain insights into the application review process.

Analysis and Strategy includes a pre-meeting assessment (of the high school, available courses, planned activities, etc.), a 60-minute Skype meeting, a 30-minute follow up and a final 30-minute phone session. This is essential to get to know the applicant, evaluate how their 4-year plan will help them present a compelling application, and lay the foundation for a compelling application.

The pre-meeting assessment and notes from each session are compiled into a single document and made available to the applicant throughout this process. In certain instances, input will be required from the applicant showing how they plan to address any areas of concern identified by our process. For instance, if extracurricular activities do not reach the level of specificity and impact required to reflect the expectations of highly selective institutions, we ask that the applicant takes into consideration alternatives and provides us with a different plan.

Personalized Guidance

Personalized Guidance is the successive component of our comprehensive admission support. Guidance counselors (even those at private schools) may not have the capacity to provide the personalized support most students need. Furthermore, most parents neither have the knowledge nor expertise to guide their students to meet the standards of highly selective institutions. With Personalized Guidance, each applicant will have access to our team of experts throughout the academic year. It includes intermittent check ins and consistent feedback on new developments by tracking a whole array of factors considered during admissionPersonalized Guidance is built around the unique needs of each student; contact us to learn more. 

Application Support

Comprehensive Application Support and Ivy Ready Evaluation are excellent options for students at the application stage. Comprehensive Application Support is an end-to-end solution that covers the selection of schools through submission of applications. Alternatively, Ivy Ready Evaluation is available for students looking for a final check up before official submission. Each package includes an evaluation of 1 complete application and supplemental essays for 2 additional schools.

Most applicants who utilized Ivy Ready Evaluation discovered that had they taken advantage of Step 1, they could have made changes to enhance their submission. We recommend Step 1 even for prospective applicants considering Ivy Ready Evaluation

Please reach out anytime if we can be of assistance.