Ivy Ready Standards

A full description of each key area will be included with every evaluation. 

Ivy Ready Evaluation is designed to help students planning to apply to highly selective schools. While the final admission decision rests with each institution, prospective applicants can significantly increase their likelihood of admission with insights gained from their feedback. 

Independent counselors and college consultants review applications based on their own standards. To maintain quality across reviewers, we review applications based on Ivy Ready Standards.

Ivy Ready Standards were developed in a manner that ensured full insulation from school-specific and confidential information. (We have documentation.) School-specific information is not essential for our evaluation methodology or the report we provide. Skewed evaluation standards would actually hamper our ability to review applications to multiple schools. Therefore, our review standards remain the same for every submission. In addition, reviewers are assigned based on availability; matching of applicants with specific reviewers does not take place.