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Ivy Ready Evaluation makes it easy to identify key areas of improvement. While supplemental essays are unique to each school, a large percentage of the application is sent to many schools. Thus, insights gained from a single evaluation can help students find ways to improve their likelihood of admission to multiple schools.

Ivy Ready Evaluation should be every applicant’s companion.
— Michelle Levine (Director of College Counseling at Hawthorne Academy)


Ivy Ready Evaluation is a unique opportunity for prospective applicants to enhance their college applications with the feedback of former admissions officers. While Ivy Ready does offer comprehensive Application Support Packages, this evaluation is available for students who prefer to work on their application independently but receive feedback before official submission.

How it Works

Once we receive a completed application (with supplemental essays), a former admission officer will conduct holistic review and provide insights for increasing likelihood of admission. Every evaluation will display the name and admission background of the coach who conducted the evaluation.  (You also have the option of having more than one reviewer conduct an evaluation through the Committee Package.) 

Evaluation Package Components:

An evaluation report is included. It gives you an unbiased assessment for each key area utilizing a rating scale (more on this is below.) In addition, a phone discussion session is included to review the assessment and answer any questions you may have.

Understanding the Evaluation

In addition to highlighting the primary strength, setback, and potential area of improvement of the applicant, the evaluation determines the competitiveness of high key areas using a rating scale.


Understanding the scale: if a key area meets the highest Ivy Ready Standards, a rating of Ivy Ready is assigned next to that key area on the evaluation report. Otherwise, the report will state Outstanding (above average)Competitive (average), or Developing (below average) as appropriate.

Get Actionable Insights

If the Leadership presentation in an application is not Ivy Ready, we can show you how to incorporate compelling leadership examples. 

Stay Ahead of the Competition

We can show you how to accentuate your strengths & address key areas of improvement before official submission.

Your Best Investment Yet

A well put together application is pivotal to gaining admission to a highly selective school. We can show you how to make your application Ivy Ready.

Save Time and Money

Applying to many schools is time consuming and costly. Avoid common mistakes and give yourself the best chance for admission!

Impress your Dream School

Your application represents your achievements and potential. Showcase your accomplishments in a manner that stands out to to schools!

Submit your Best Application

Ivy Ready Evaluation helps you discover what is likely to harm your likelihood of admission at highly selective schools.

Enhance Every Submission

Insights gained from your evaluation will help you transform every application you submit. 

Seize your Future

Without a compelling application, you may miss out on the school meant for you. Why take chances when you can get unbiased feedback now?