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New Feature for Step 1

We have added the option of connection prospective applicants with current or recent graduates for a 15-minute phone conversation. We match based on areas of interest at their top pick school or at schools of a similar caliber. (Only available as a part of Step 1.)

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Thank you for joining us in Berkeley, CA.

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Class of 2021 Admission Decisions

Brown University
32,724 applicants, 2,722 acceptances
8.3% acceptance rate

Columbia University
37,389 applicants, 2,185 acceptances
5.8% acceptance rate

Cornell University
47,038 applications, 5,889 acceptances
12.5% acceptance rate

Dartmouth College
20,034 applications, 2,092 acceptances
10.4% accptance rate

Stanford University
44,073 applications, 2,050 acceptances
4.6% accptance rate

Harvard University
39,506 applications, 2,056 acceptances
5.2% acceptance rate

Princeton University
31,056 applications, 1,890 acceptances
6.1% acceptance rate

University of Pennsylvania
40,413 applications, 3,699 acceptances
9.2% acceptance rate

Yale University
32,900 applications, 2,272 acceptances
6.9% acceptance rate

Duke University
34,400 applications, 2,255 acceptances
7.3% acceptance rate

2016-2017 Early Decisions

Brown University
3,170 applications, 695 acceptances
22% acceptance rate

Columbia University
4,086 applications, not available

Cornell University
5,384 applications, 1,378 acceptances
26% acceptance rate

Dartmouth College
1999 applications, 555 acceptances
27% acceptance rate

Stanford University
Not available

Harvard University
6,473 applications, 938 acceptances
14% acceptance rate

Princeton University
5,033 applications, 770 acceptances
15% acceptance rate

University of Pennsylvania
6,147 applications, 1,354 acceptances
22% acceptance rate

Yale University
5,086 applications, 871 acceptances
17% acceptance rate

Duke University
3,516 applications, 861 acceptances
24% acceptnace rate


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Remote Counseling

Ivy Ready is proud to introduce impact-driven admission counseling. Speak anytime with recent admission officers to get expert advice on making your course selection and summer plans.


Bye Bye, Twitter

After extensive discussion, we have decided to move away from Twitter and focus our attention on other communication channels. Deactivating our account would have left the @IvyReady handle available to the public. Therefore, it is suspended indefinitely.

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